New Nissan Qashqai Accessories

Find the top range of Nissan Accessories below, to see the full range of Accessories available please download the brochure or talk to your dealer today. Please note the images shown on this page may include additional Accessories not in included in the price quoted.

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Body Side Mouldings

Qashqai £241.00 (Fully fitted)

Stylish plastic mouldings protect your side doors from those tight parking spaces and loading scrapes.

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Chrome mirror caps

Qashqai £195.00 (Fully fitted)

Highlight your distinctive urban flair with a set of chrome mirror caps to empower your presence.

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Focal Speakers

Qashqai £859.00 (Fully fitted)

Make your drivetime music sound even better.

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Wind Deflectors

Qashqai £148.00 (Fully fitted)

Open the window and let the outside in - but not the wind, noise and turbulence. The set includes deflectors for both front and rear windows. Image shows additional accessories.

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Coat hanger

Qashqai £51.00 (Fully fitted)

Keep your jacket out of the way and creese free with this handy coat hanger