Nissan 370z Accessories

Find the top range of Nissan Accessories below, to see the full range of Accessories available please download the brochure or talk to your dealer today. Please note the images shown on this page may include additional Accessories not in included in the price quoted.

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Luxury Floor Mats

370z £80.67 (Fully fitted)

These tailored floor mats can be secured to fit neatly in place to protect the floor of your 370z

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Body cover - Outdoor

370z £322.43 (Fully fitted)

Made to measure grey Weathershield body cover suitable for outdoor use. Made from Weathershield material - Lightweight and 95% water-resistant.

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Nissan Tracking System 5

370z £905.50 (Fully fitted)

If the worst should happen and your 370Z is stolen, our 24-hour call centre will rapidly contact the local Police and use the tracking system’s homing signal to locate and recover your vehicle. The Authorised Driver Recognition (ADR) card communicates with the car so it always knows who is driving it. Thatcham Category 5 accredited. Price includes one year’s free subscription.

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Aluminium Entry Guards

370z £277.09 (Fully fitted)

Featuring an aluminium finish with an illuminated Z, these entry guards protect the paintwork and make the cockpit even more inviting.

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Horizontal Storage Net

370z £110.53 (Fully fitted)

Attaches to securing hooks in the corners of the trunk to help stop your parcels and other luggage from sliding about.

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Luxury Trunk Mat

370z £75.17 (Fully fitted)

This durable trunk mat covers the whole boot area and protects it, whatever you carry.

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Mudguards - Rear

370z £103.89 (Fully fitted)

Protect the underside of your vehicle with these Mudguards

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19" NISMO Forged Alloy

370z £4,183.00 (Fully fitted)

Enhance style and performance with these lightweight forged aluminium-alloy NISMO wheels. Kit includes 4 x Alloys and TPMS. Please note Tyres are not included in this kit.