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Parking Sensors - Rear

NV200 £363.63 (Fully fitted)

Avoid unnecessary bumps or scrapes with the parking warning system.

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NV200 £23.91 (Fully fitted)

These tailored floor mats can be secured to fit neatly in place. Available in black velour textile or rubber, both featuring a NV200 logo or in anthracite standard textile without. Can be easily removed for cleaning. Price shown is for standard mat.

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NV200 £63.65 (Fully fitted)

Tough and durable front and rear mudguards protect the underside of your NV200 from loose debris, and help keep it clean from mud and water.

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Parking Sensors - Front

NV200 £177.62 (Fully fitted)

The park system's sensors notify you of any obstructions. The 'beep' frequency increases until a constant tone indicates it's time to stop.

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Floor Protection

NV200 £269.58 (Fully fitted)

Made of Rugged plastic, this easy to clean Plastic floor protector helps keep your cargo securely in place with its anti-slide surface.

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Load carrier - 2 Bars

NV200 £154.67 (Fully fitted)

This tough and sturdy steel load carrier has a 60kg load capacity and is designed to work with most of the Nissan load carrier accessories, such as load stops.

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Load carrier - 3 Bars

NV200 £198.89 (Fully fitted)

Need help with a bigger job? No problem. This steel load carrier is the same size as the two bar version, but is equipped with an extra transverse bar to take heavier loads of up to 90kg.

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Body Side Mouldings

NV200 £178.77 (Fully fitted)

Rugged, stylish plastic mouldings protect your side doors from those tight parking spaces and loading scrapes.